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i don't know what day it is.

i am not even sure where i live anymore. (i've been shuttling between my aunt's house in montclair and my apartment in the city).

i didn't mean to step away from here for so long.

but between my mother's visit and preparing to depart nyc in two weeks (and not return until september 18 {euf}), i actually feel my mind slipping through my fingers.

so forgive me. please, forgive me.

right now we're squeezing in a little last mother-daughter time. we're watching the bachelorette (what's with the bad hair extensions?) though my mother is occasionally (often, actually) changing the channel because (in her own words):

it makes her uncomfortable when they toot their own horn so hard.

this is all to say, i have not disappeared. i'll be back. tomorrow, in fact. (i think. i hope).


Roxy Te Owens said...

the extensions are killing me.

Shannon said...

Darling Meg.... if you are ever in the Orem area during your stay in Utah, send me an email. It would be fun to meet up!

Meg Fee said...

shannon, i'll be in provo--is that close?

Camilla Leila said...

what will you be doing away from NYC for so long?? i say you should definitely come to CA :)

Fairfield said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time despite, what I am sure, is quite a hectic time preparing to leave the city.

ALFIE said...

enjoy the hustle and bustle of a full life!! we'll be here waiting when you get back :)

Sarah boo said...

I was also hating the hair extensions. Do people on TV think that we can't tell?
Provo and Orem are so close that they might as well be the same city.

Shannon said...

Yes, yes, very close. Think like, five minutes kinda close.
P.S. - I'll send ya an email just in case you dont double check this.

Anonymous said...

hope all is well! :)