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retail therapy?

i was meant to meet the roommates at anthropologie yesterday. we were going to peruse the home goods section. take advantage of the sale.

i arrived early.

wandered over to the jewelry.

found a pair of earrings that i liked.

held them up and studied my reflection.

thought, wonder if he'll think they look beautiful on me?

(because this is what happens when i like a guy, shopping suddenly becomes an attempt to see things through his eyes as well as my own).

remembered that not only would he probably not care, he'll not see them.

he'll not see me.

so not therapeutic.

c-jane inspired post edit:

so glad i didn't get those earrings yesterday. found a much better pair today.
see, patience! (and metaphor).


Ariel said...

i do that too, try something on and wonder if my boyfriend will think it is cute. why do we make things more stressful that way? you should have just bought them for you! i'm sure you looked beautiful in them.

Emily said...

Gosh, I do think that way too, a never-ending spiral of thoughts. But if you like them, that that is all that matters. Though, it's challenging to think so when we want a young gent to like us. Sigh.

Susie said...

I found you via Rockstar. I must say, I recently went through something identical to your "lot's wife" except he was the one who walked away. Your posts ring so true; keep up the good work. I think I'm going to stop for a cupcake on my way to my someone else!

elizabeth carmen said...

Ugh. Yes, I remember those days. Funny what a simple little crush can do to your brain, huh?

And I found this reassuring when a friend reminded me of this little truth: Only one crush ever has to work out. Just one!

Signorina Svizzera said...

i think like that too when i have a crush, but then i catch myself (as you did) and get annoyed. why do we think like this when men are involved? grrr!
if you liked them a lot, i hope you got them- just for you! they could be "happy new apartment earrings!" (yes, i justify purchases like that, don't you? hehehe)

Holly said...

(((sigh))) Oh, Meg. I have totally been there. All I can tell you is that it will get better. It REALLY will.

Ashley said...

I do the exact same thing. I always wonder if the guy I am liking will even notice the little things that I buy to make the outfit complete. Such a girl thing to do...glad I'm not the only one (:

Rachel said...

and i bet the (muchmuch) better earrings have no qualms with your blog. earrings do not object, except to other, unfriendly accessories, and to scarves, with whom they sometimes pick fights.

karajean said...

Love the edit. I'm glad you found much better {earrings}.

Nasha said...

hello, i went through something really similar recently and a good friend set my head straight when she said, "aren't you glad you found out what kind of guy he is now, rather than later". and it's true. if something isn't right, then it isn't. and the sooner i figure out someone isn't right for me, the better.. even if it does hurt having to find out now. so chin up! plenty of good stuff lies ahead! :)

missy. said...

i do that the first little bit.. but if i really like the guy - the main thing i focus on is my face and hair! no accessories needed for that!