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and he's dreamy to boot.

how to say this?

i think food and weight is one of the next great political issues in this country.

all you have to do is read the information out there.

for the first time in our history obese women are giving birth to children in huge numbers. and no one's really sure how's this is going to affect those children. but the studies done indicate that it won't be good.
sorry, that's an understatement.
it will be bad: predisposition to diabetes, brains that actually crave fatty, processed foods.

so you can see how this obesity thing might snowball. will snowball.

there is movement, across the country to legislate how we deal with food.

the new york city calorie count law. (which i happen to think is bad).

a tax on sodas and juice drinks. (which i happen to think is good--it's like taxing cigarettes, that extra money makes it slightly more difficult for people to buy. and the idea is more people will turn to water {good}).

to say we need a revolution in the food industry is not histrionic or hyperbolic. it's a fact.

diets do not work. over the long run, they do not work. people do not fail. the diets do.
processed food is bad. how food is manufactured is bad.

i've been watching jaime oliver's food revolution over the last few weeks. and i've been floored. by the lack of words like weight and calories. the emphasis on health.

the thrusts to his program are

1. eat real food
2. learn to cook

do you know that if people were to those two things (two things!) the obesity epidemic could be cut in half?

hmm. so maybe he's on to something?

it's the first and only reality television show i've ever seen that's gotten it right--that hasn't been a quick fix for one person or one family. that wants to make small and very possible changes that could actually, yes, revolutionize the way america eats.

this is all to say: the season finale is tonight. i think you should watch it. or dvr it. or hulu it tomorrow (as i will do).

(climbing off soapbox now).

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marisa said...

i happened upon this the other day and was mortified by the state of school lunches at that school. I think it is a good program to hopefully visually stimulate people to make changes for a healthier future.

tiffany said...
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AbbieBabble said...

Eating food a learning to cook seems to be the solution- Jamie Oliver thinks so, Michael Pollan thinks so. Now if only we could get people to do it!
Do you think this show is actually going to make any difference? I haven't seen it yet, but I keep meaning to watch it on Hulu. Maybe this weekend I actually will.

Camilla Leila said...

so -- i studied the food system in college (both national and international) and i really became obsessed with changing my life and the way i look at food. i'm soooo happy that jamie is bringing these issues to light in America.

I have a whole list of books if you're interested!


Fairfield said...

I must check this out.

Courtney said...

This show has me completely glued to the television each time it comes on. Jamie has definitely made me think a whole lot more about what I've been putting in my body.

And Alice? Oh man, does she get my blood boiling!

bsmithhill said...

I have been posting a bit about Jamie's Food Revolution as well--and have started a "Thursday's Thinking of Food" series b/c I too feel food and obesity and organic, and factory-farming and all these issues should be important to us all!


Brittany said...

I like your soapbox and I feel really strongly about this too. Have you read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan? I just picked it up, and I'm really excited about it. He wrote an article on the same topic: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/magazine/28nutritionism.t.html?_r=2&ref=books

huzzah for the revolution!

jess said...

I must say I thoroughly enjoy cooking dinner for my husband and I.. It's cheaper, healthier, and more fun as I learn new recipes!!

After having dieted my entire life I have finally learned that I don't need to deprive myself of something to lose weight, I must merely control the quantity and do more than sit on my butt and watch tv every night!
I watched one episode of that Jamie Oliver show and I was astounded at all of the facts about our nation's epidemic problem with weight...

The Rookie said...

It really is frightening. As an overweight woman who is finally figuring out what it really looks like to eat right and pay attention to my body--finally--I can attest that the way we do food is all wrong.

Oliver's TED speech was inspirational. I've been meaning to watch the show but have just been so busy with all else.

Angela said...

I have yet to watch this show, but I've heard nothing but amazing things about it! Can't wait to check it out <3

off switch said...

i very much loved this post. and i agree that jamie oliver is doing an amazing job. everyone should watch his show!

thanks meg, xo.

Claire Kiefer said...

I keep hearing about this show, and am gonna try to rent the first season when it becomes available or watch it online. I've heard it's great. I'm glad that through shows like this, and documentaries that have been made over the past few years, people are becoming more educated about food and nutrition.

like a rolling stone... said...

ha. it's a good soapbox to be on, we need it.

i caught his show for the first time the other night and was amazed! loved it. and love him.


Drea said...

It's Mr. Pea! :P

I can't believe potatos count as veg!

brown eyed girl said...

This show looks so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Also, I posted about your post. (For (unnecessary) fear regarding your post about plagiarism, you can read it at my blog (loquaciouslaura.blogspot.com).)

Keep writing. You have dedicated readers.

2nd Girl said...

Jamie is brilliant, he has been working for years over in the UK to try to change public opinion towards food. All of his cookbooks are so thoughtfully constructed to make it easy to eat healthy in a society where we are bombarded everyday with easy unhealthy options. I love that he doesn't try to make people cook pretty, artistic food, just honest-to-goodness food. Check out his book 'Jamie at Home', it's really good and his pointers on how to grow your own veg are excellent, although probably geared to our climate more than that in the US. His 'pass it on' book, Jamie's Ministry of Food' is brilliant too, really straight-foward recipes that are easily prepared and delicious.

I'm so glad a few people in the US are listening to him, the media here have been reporting that he's having a hard time over there!

Idea...have a 'pass-it-on' party, where everyone makes one dish and then pass on the recipes..great fun!!

Meg Fee said...

2nd girl--i love the idea of a pass it on party!!

Kristy said...

I used to watch The Naked Chef all the time! I think he's super smart which makes him super sexy (oh and the accent doesn't hurt either!)! :)

Mel said...

I absolutely agree Meg. As someone who's struggled with weight all my life, you're words ring truer than ever. Diet's don't work... learning the right ways to use food does. Eating right, eating to fuel and nourish your body, is the point the begin with, and it's a change that needs to be made. I love what Jamie Oliver's doing... and he IS a cutie =]

Marisa said...

omg. i have just watched four episodes on hulu instead of studying for my final graduate comp test....My sweet husband who was close to obese as a child and teenager (he now maintains a healthy weight and has for more than 6 years) noted that he grew up eating cafeteria lunches and that he started losing weight in college when he moved out of the dorms, stopped eating cafeteria food and cooking for himself and roommates...agree with your ideas 100%

Marisa said...

omg. i have just watched four episodes on hulu instead of studying for my final graduate comp test....My sweet husband who was close to obese as a child and teenager (he now maintains a healthy weight and has for more than 6 years) noted that he grew up eating cafeteria lunches and that he started losing weight in college when he moved out of the dorms, stopped eating cafeteria food and cooking for himself and roommates...agree with your ideas 100%

Marisa said...
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Jacob said...

It is a big upcoming issue, I agree.
I am obese, and it is hard!

Signorina Svizzera said...

I am taking a class this semester called "culture, class, and cuisine" and we touch on so many of these issues, as well as comparing the US mainly to Switzerland where we are all now living. Needless to say, it is endlessly fascinating and I have been contemplating a blog post for some time. I think it's time :)

emily said...

i am right there with you. i try to explain this to some close people in my life that you must CHANGE your eating habits and not just diet. dieting doesn't give your body consistency. speaking of obese women giving birth to children... i also have someone close in my life (very obese) who had a son at 23 weeks. he is now almost 4 years old and "healthy" but his parents just eat out or have pizza for dinner. i have a really hard time watching this happen...
i really need to check out this food revolution show. i am putting it on my list of things to do after finals are over.
p.s. i'm friends with naomi here in dc and she recommended your blog to a group of friends the other night. you're a great writer, glad i found you!

Amanda said...

So, so great! I haven't watched the show yet. I've seen the previews and I already know what an amazing message this man is passing along the US. It's incredible. We need more people like him :)

Raquel said...

agreed, agreed, agreed. it's all about steering clear of things in packages and going for the fresh stuff. just cutting out things that are already made and making them simply yourself makes a WORLD of difference.


Brittan said...

I've been watching this too. Jamie Oliver is so inspiring (and so cute)! I've been vegetarian since I was 10 years old and try to raise my son to be very healthy, but watching one episode of this show got him more pumped about good, healthy food than I've ever been able to. I'm so happy that this issue is finally gaining more steam.