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yesterday i was having a day.

and maybe zoobie was too. because she did not want to wear her shoes. or socks.
and we were outside.

so once we collected all of the said items and finally got home and up the elevator and into the hall, i looked right at the little one.

"oh zoobie," i said.

and she looked right at me
and let out an exaggerated sigh.

she understands me so well,
this seventeen-month-old friend of mine.

zoobie and i during the great snowstorm of 2010.

(zoobie is the little girl i visit and take care of each week,
it is because of her that i get to call myself a sometimes-nanny).


kate. said...

so cute! i want to be a sometimes-nanny when i am in the city this summer. any recommendations? i'd love to set something up before i get out there, but if not, i'll just try to get a job through members of my church when i get out there!

p.s. i love your blog (still). you are fantastic

hawthorne girl said...

oh, that is the swetest thing EVER!

iheartkiwi said...

well she is just precious! this story made me laugh, she seems like an old soul.

Jayne said...

Ohhhhhhh my goshy goodness, Meg, she's ABSOlUTELY ADORABLE! And she already seems to have a bit of sarcasm in her ;)

Sara said...

That child is adorable.

Although the shoes and socks thing would've taken a toll on my brain after a little while.

I'm glad you guys managed to come to a mutual understanding.

Shannon said...

What a doll! I <3 it!
Have a happy weekend Meg!