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dear husband-to-be,

so i guess you should know.


i fell in love with a guy a very long time ago. and he did not fall in love with me.

and around this time i fell out of love with myself.

and all this love and lack of love became very confusing.

i have a girlfriend who recently came out of a relationship and decided to take a weekend trip to meet up with a guy. she was in need of a sorbet, she said. something to cleanse the pallet. i said, if you're in need of a sorbet, i'm in need of some smelling salts. something to bring me back to life.

so i've decide to go in search of them. smelling salts, that is. lots of them. in all different flavors. so that i'll be wide awake. all refreshed and lived in and back-to-life when i meet you.

because i can't wait to meet you.

love, love,

the girl in search of sal volatile


Jo said...

I love this!
Here's hoping you don't have to smell too many salts before you meet your perfect flavor. ;)

iheartkiwi said...

oh my dear i cannot wait for you to meet your husband-to-be.... when you do, it's going to be magical. i can just tell.

in the meantime, enjoy the smelling salts and soak it all in.

Brittan said...

"i fell in love with a guy a very long time ago. and he did not fall in love with me.

and around this time i fell out of love with myself.

and all this love and lack of love became very confusing."

oh meg, this is my life right now... and for the last two years. it shadows and overshadows everything i do and feel. i admire you so much for having the courage to move past it and smell salts. i want to be more like you. you will find mr. to-be because you are not afraid to look for him. you're not afraid of love, even after heartbreak. that's really cool.

Micaela said...

this one right here is probably my favorite post ever. for sooo many reasons.

Shanley said...

I love how honest you were about saying you fell out of love with yourself. I've been working through that for the last four months - "I can't stand myself because you couldn't stand me." The first time I put on a little dress, and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed, and I realized that I loved laughing, and I loved the way the dress felt, and I loved being with all the people I was with, I realized that I was falling back in love with myself, and I was coming back alive. I've been working on coming back alive ever since.

JKreids said...

this: "and around this time i fell out of love with myself."

almost knocked me out of my chair.

how true.

clearly, from these comments, you're not alone in this feeling.

There IS another side to that feeling. Hold on to that.

dani kreeft said...

this is hilarious. and i feel really bad if it's not intended to be, but the reference to sorbet and then you're even wittier reference to smelling salts...ha.

i share every one of your sentiments, honestly, i do.

i have loved guys that haven't loved me back. and though i didn't question love for myself, i questioned the validity of love, even its existence.
and THAT will take the wind our of your sails mighty quick. like a needle in a fat balloon.

so from someone who sympathizes, thank you for sharing.
happy wednesday.


MCW said...

Hi Meg,

...How can I say this - I feel like you've just posted an entry of the diary I keep in my head, because I'd be too depressed to write it down?

I love your little husband-to-be letters - I too am single and share so many of your views and sentiments... Years and years ago I said to my friends, I wonder what my husband is doing right now? And they looked at me so strangely and I had to explain - they obviously knew I don't have one, but he's OUT THERE, somewhere, living life and hopefully looking for me. Now and then, I still wonder what he's doing.

Because he IS out there. I hope it doesn't take us too much longer to find him, Meg.

xx Michaela from New Zealand

HazelRebecca said...

Wise and witty. You're going to get snapped up.
From a friend of a sister of a friend, in Ireland,
x Hazel

Kristen said...

so cute! I love your posts to your future husband.

Mrs. Blimes said...

its true, your future husband will have some wonderful reading when he makes his debut!

amberlou said...

i know just how you feel.

rachel said...

wow i love this! what great prose, and what a lack of great prose on the web! I just found your blog and I will be following it, as this is the kind of writing that I am drawn too. thanks!

Ashley Serena said...

Yesss, so well put.
Love this with all my heart.

Chelsea Robbins said...

your blog is Oh so cute!