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let’s go said he

not too far said she

what’s too far said he

where you are said she

e. e. cummings


Ruth said...

e.e. really said it, didn't he?

Love your new banner, by the way! (Or perhaps it's not new and I just haven't clicked over from my reader in awhile...either way!)

Marisa said...

i am in LOVE with ee... i should have liked to know him personally.

Belen said...

i haven't read much from e.e. cummings, but the things that i have are always really good. i need to look more up.

nicole addison said...

i love ee.

J. said...

One of my favorites. :)
A boy once recited ee cummings to me after we had gotten caught out in the rain. We jumped into his truck, soaking wet and laughing, and he just burst out with it, by memory.
It was amazing. It is worthy of a post.

Julie said...

I love this I love this I love this.

Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

I adore your blog Meg, just wanted yo let you know again. It always makes me smile!