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in overcoming the sunday blues...

...i suggest flowers.

above all else, flowers.

but if that alone does not do it, i offer the following:

essie nail polish in raspberry
this beirut video (god bless zach's curly hair)
pinning your hair in feux-bob and allowing yourself a few minutes to seriously contemplate chopping it all off.
trip to the grocery store for cheese and cuties (clementines).

what do you suggest? please, oh please, do tell.


christine said...

dvr-ed episodes of fraser... jk.

sunday blues are overcome by a long walk in the afternoon, a glorious home cooked dinner and talking on the phone until late with my sister.

Courtney said...

for my Sunday blues? I blast oldies and dance around the house. Preferably with a wooden spoon acting as a microphone.

And then I eat cookies.

Meg Fee said...

very good suggestions ladies!

AbbieBabble said...

I am all about the warm tea and a movie to cure the sunday blues.
Cookies help, too.

Shannon said...

- French manicures.
- Cranberry juice mixed with sprite.
- Upbeat music you can turn up loud.
- A funny movie.
- A good book.
- Texting a friend.
- Plan out your week.
- Take a nap.
- Laugh until it hurts.

Dia said...

Audrey Hepburn comedies (or any '50s/'60s comedy).
I like "Nantes" too ;)

Camilla Leila said...

tonight we cooked up a shrimp feast and now we're watching "The Secret" which is always motivational and reminds me to be grateful for every second.

sydney australia said...

-have a good laugh with a best friend
-eat a good grilled cheese sandwich
-get a breath of fresh air during a long walk outside
-have brownies and champagne

...actually eating any food period lol

Anonymous said...
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Morgan said...

Definitely flowers! And chai lattes. :)

IIDA said...

I love Beirut. Zach, unlike my other dreamy indie crushes, has stayed with me for a long long time. Three years. (Wait a second. Three years? Seriously? I only just realised that!)

I combat the Sunday blues with a bit of bossa nova and letter-writing.

Lisa Piorczynski said...

Sunday night blues are the worst. I got them really bad when I was a teacher. They were more like the mean reds, as Holly Golightly might say.

My vote? Host a dinner party. Invite 4 of your favorite people over. Cook up a storm. Eat until you're laying on your sofa like a fat dog. If that doesn't help, I don't know what will.

iheartkiwi said...

there have been multiple studies that say just looking at fresh flowers considerably boosts your mood... you are on the right track! kiwi and i eat cuties by the handful... it's getting a little ridiculous how much we love them. no vitamin c deficiency in our house!

for the sunday blues i like to sit out on our patio in the sun with a good book and a cup of coffee. never fails.

JKreids said...

beautiful flowers!!

I suggest Swiss Rolls eaten slowwwwwwwwly. :)

Brigid Rose said...

brew a pot of tea. sit down and savor it, with milk and honey if you like.

yes, flowers. i recommend ranunculus this time of year.

music by the brunettes. always upbeat with just a touch of zaniness. right now i can't get enough of "if you were alien."

a home-cooked meal or delicious food ordered in with a glass of wine and a friend.

a good book. i'm reading winds of war right now.

be spontaneous. see a matinee with a friend. go out to brunch. visit the union square farmer's market.

i painted my nails essie's guchi muchi puchi last night. the name alone brings a smile to my face and the cheerful color is a reminder to chin up throughout the week.

loved your list. it chased away my monday blues.

sarah-lucy said...

chat with a friend.

take a nap.

clean my room while listening to music. (if the blues aren't too blue. sometimes I cannot muster up the strength to clean).

read some scriptures.