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et tu, bridget?

sometimes i think all i want--all i really want--at the end of the day:

the complete box set of frasier.

but then i flash on the scene in bridget jones' where our heroine, spending new year's alone, realizes she needs to make some changes in her life, and i see the telly in the background playing none other than my most beloved tv sitcom.

and i think,

okay, enough.


jackiek said...

hahahaha love this! :)

Sarah said...

Smile :)

Fairfield said...

You know, I've never actually watched Frasier.

Meera said...

love the blog title :)

Meg Fee said...

fairfield. enough.

Mary Grace said...

Oh dear. This is what I'm totally feeling now. Except I was watching South Park while munching pizza. Awful, no?

By the way, I like the new blog header.

Brittany said...

my parents have it. i steal it. it works really well.

i loooove frasier too.

Michal said...

I once dedicated my entire winter break to watching every episode of frasier. I was utterly satisfied, and still occasionally dream of the dear characters.