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saturday night.

it's saturday night.

and i got home early.

so i whipped up my second batch of spelt biscuits .

and am about to crawl into bed with my book.

yes, i am the girl that bakes spelt biscuits on a saturday night. and i am okay with that. in fact, i kinda like it.

(ps: the biscuit is on a cupcake plate. can you tell?! yes, a cupcake plate given to me my most wonderful mother this Christmas. isn't she just so tuned into what is cool?).

this was a good week. i survived. flourished even. and reveled in the good news of others.

i happened to attend a rotary club meeting in buffalo once upon a time. {i know... don't ask.} but they have this thing where they put a dollar into a hat and with that dollar they get to share news that brings them great personal joy.

so, two dollars, thank you very much. two dollars have i just placed in the hat.

congratulations, ladies, i feel so lucky to be connected to you both (even if it is through this strange and bewildering thing known as blogdom).


jackiek said...

i'm the kinda girl that stays home on a saturday night and bakes too :) they look yummy!

Camilla Salem said...

so glad you had a good week.
and i'm beyond excited for micaela. truly, i can't wait until i have that news to announce. if ever.

and for the record. i think we should be friends, meg, because i'm the girl who by 8 pm on saturday night is wrapped up in blankets, with hot apple cinnamon tea and a few tangerines, completely immersed in episodes of the office.

so let's be friends.

Meg Fee said...


nothing, nothing would give me greater pleasure!!

iheartkiwi said...

now that sounds like my kind of saturday night!

congrats to micaela and jess, such wonderful news indeed.

Micaela said...

YOU are divine. :) oh this made me smile a smile as big as our Texas. I feel privileged to have known since the beginning of basically both of our blogs... to watch us both triumph after incredible falls.

you reminding me that sometimes you just have to get up in the morning and put one foot in front of the other...

i am so incredibly lucky to know you meg fee, and i'm glad you got to "celebrate" with me on my most amazing news. i hope to be there when your magical moment and along the way.

CONGRATS to jess as well. what a beautiful little girl! i can't imagine that kind of happiness... someday!

and those cupcake dishes? charming!

ps. rotary club, oh i love it. :) i think that's a great idea in raising money or even trying to save money at home... give yourself a dollar for a great personal joy or something you do for another... maybe that's a solution for saving money for my wedding? THANK YOU!

pps. "flourish"- my new favourite word!

communikate. said...

your mom is totally tuned into what is cool. love that little plate.

way to celebrate good news for others!

Pittsburgh Perambulations said...

there is nothing wrong with spelt biscuits! yum!

Courtney Hope said...

Just wanted to drop in and say that I like you. Does that sound weird? But truly, I read your posts and it helps me make sense of the world. So thank you so very much- I just thought that you should know that today :)

Hope all is well and delicious and "spelt-y"...

marisa said...

i love that rotary club story... and i love that your the girl that
"bakes spelt biscuits on a saturday night"... so charming meg.

jess said...

meg.. i feel lucky to have friends to share my happiness...

one day, i know, we shall meet and become even better friends!!

thanks for always inspiring me to keep dreaming.. xoxo

Hanako66 said...

you are a girl after my own heart! i spend many a saturday night the same way...though i am not sure what a spelt biscuit is, so replace that with another baked good.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I want biscuits.

H.M. said...

Wow, that does not look like spelt ... it looks positively cookie-esque. Yum, yum.

Taylor Norris said...

i may or may not be speaking from experience when i say that staying home and baking on a saturday evening could actually be better (for you and your love life) than actually going out and perusing men!

Sara said...

I think it's fantastic that you go home, make some food and crawl into bed with a book.

I get so much crap for that here, so i just want to support your decision of awesomeness.