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this time, in one week, i will be waking up in my own bed. at home. in texas. for the first time in a year.


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Melissa said...

Have fun!

Courtney said...


sheila said...

sounds great. Eat some good Tex-mex for me! I miss that stuff.

iheartkiwi said...

have a wonderful time with your family my dear!

kiwi and i will be in paris for christmas this year and we couldn't be more excited.

we are leaving on friday, so here's wishing you and yours a very merry christmas and an even happier new year :)

Meg Fee said...

sheila: i will most certainly eat some tex-mex for you!

and iheartkiwi,

what paris?! oh my dear, you've just made me unbelievably jealous!! have so much fun there!

Micaela said...

SO VERY ahh-mazing!!! enjoy our Texas.

"there's nothing like going home for real comfort" - jane austen.


Brittan said...

me too! except tuesday!

Karls said...

Isn't that THE best feeling! I no longer have a bed at my old place, but it's great waking up and knowing I'll be tucking into some top notch bacon and eggs with my Mum and Dad... or some fakin' and eggs if I'm with my bro's (vego's). Have fun love! I'll be heading off for my 22 hour drive on the 23rd and I. can't. wait!!!