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understanding the bard. and bed. bed, too.

last night i dreamt of a man.

he placed his hands, open palms to my shoulders, equidistant on my back.

and they were clammy.

and this is how i knew he loved me.

and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.

and i awoke thinking my world would never be the same. sensuality and shakespeare elucidated by a single dream? ha, a mystical mind have i!


Sara said...

I had a dream (I don't remember the content) but it had a soundtrack.

It was Regina Spektor singing, "Crispy, crispy, Benjamin Franklin..."

I think your dream may have been better.

e. del mar said...

the best part about that passage in shakespeare is that the 14 lines that precede their fist kiss also make sonnet. pretty sweet right?

*Lesli* said...

don't you hate when you wish your dream was reality?

Emily said...

Pure poetry, your post! What an incredible dream! Shakespeare makes life bearable sometimes...

Signorina Svizzera said...

what a "dreamy" dream!
i always hope that i will have a romantic dream- but alas, they are always creepy

Anna said...

i read this and thought: you are lovely. you are beautiful with words. and dreams it seems! i wish i could remember mine more often!

alisha said...

this post is hot.

Joanna Goddard said...

i love that line. romeo & juliet is my favorite. also, the red lipstick in your profile photos is gorgeous!!!