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breakfast confession.

i wish i was the girl who didn't mutilate her grapefruit in an attempt at consumption.

but i am.

and such is life.

(though i think with that teapot,
i would not be a grapefruit mutilator,
and all would be well with my life.
image via visualize.us)


Jessica Marie said...

Meg! Have you ever tried a grapefruit knife? Seriously it changed the way I eat grapefruit. If you get one just make sure that you get one with the double side like this:


Emily said...

That teapot is darling! I grew up with grapefruit spoons (small spoons with serrated edges that cut the grapefruit flesh and scoop up that deliciousness), but i also struggle with reaping the full benefits of the grapefruit.

Julie said...

It's OK. You've got to mutilate it to get all the extra juice out anyway. :)

Signorina Svizzera said...

You've got to get the grapefruit knife! At home with my parents we have a special knife, but all I have here is a spoon, and it is just awful.

Krissa said...

i totally mutilate it too..frustrating...and I had no idea there was a grapefruit knife...hmm...

love that teapot too....so cute!!!!

hope you have a LOVELY weekend!


CrowNology said...

I looked at the teapot and my mouth fell open.
How perfect is that?
Coveting is BAD...You are promoting negative feelings in me! ;)
Peel the grapefruit and chop the wedges into triangles (perhaps a wee sprink of sugar) and eat 'em with a silver fork (in Paris)...

CAPow said...

I wish I was a girl who could eat grapefruit and not gag, because I know it's so good for me, but I just can't get past the taste!!

Amber said...

I mutilate the crap out of my grapefruit, but its the best way to get all the fruit and juice out of it!

Courtney said...

it's okay. All my food is murdered at least twice before it makes it into my mouth!