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i started crying tonight when mariano rivera threw that last pitch to clinch the alcs title for the yanks.

if if wasn't so highly, highly single i'd start to wonder if i'm pregnant.

i'm so emotional of late.

what gives, hormones?


jasmine said...

YESSSSS! i've been a basketcase lately too. i've gotten my feelings hurt, to the point of tears, over something different every day this week. sometimes i start to wonder if bloggers start to "cycle" together....

AbbieBabble said...

There must be something in the water all over the country. That's obviously the only solution. I've been ridiculously emotional lately, myself.
I hope you feel better!

Ruth said...

I GET IT! Hormones must be on strike and out to make our lives hell or something. I'm chalking it up to a real bad case of PMS?

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, I have been so weepy lately and I not sure what's going on! Maybe hormones are just manifesting themselves in a new way b/c I have never been this way before! I hope you feel better soon!

Mollie McCormick said...

ME TOO! I started crying over 3 different (and very minor things) this weekend. My tear ducts are gettin pissed.

erin elder said...

ME TOO!! I've been experiencing very similar symptoms... glad i'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Let's Go Yankees!

I love how much you love them too. Someone set fireworks off in my neighborhood as soon as they won last night, it was so exciting!

iheartkiwi said...

lady, you want to talk about emotional. i am getting married in less than two weeks!

i heard a song on the radio and almost burst into tears this morning. anything love or family related and i lose it. i've got to get it together!

Spardha Malik said...

your mind's been over-working with job/setting up your room... u just need a break. I think u shud take one!

Anonymous said...

i have been crying
all the time too.
then i was "running
late" and so i thought
okay.. so thats it. i
AM pregnant again. but
i took a test and no.

so now i am crying all
the time again. great.

iloveyoucauseican said...

It must be a serious case of blogging PMS, or blogging flu.... cause everyone seems to be super duper emotional. Good grief.......... Poor us.