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bronx bombers.

so after a five hour and ten minute game the yanks just took game two of the ALCS series against the angels

(for non baseball fans, this means they have to win two more against the angels to head to the world series--it's best of 7)

i almost lost my mind.

i promise i'll be a more consistant blogger this next week. i've got plenty to say i've just been distracted. by lots of things. like...umm...

a little october baseball magic. 


heather said...

That game was INSANE. I'm a Dodger fan, but I'm definitely rooting for the Yankees over the Angels. Old rivalries at the World Series would be epic!

Morgan said...

My boyfriend was GLUED to the table. He loves the Yankees and was hootin and hollerin at the TV! Glad for your team!

Morgan said...

table = tv. :)

Anonymous said...

That was such an incredible game!!! My family's lived for the Yankees for generations so we were glued to the TV for 5 hours. Loved it! Go YANKS!!!!!

Grace said...

Meg, is it a little pathetic if I let out a little squeal upon seeing that I received such a sweet comment from you?
It put a little smile on my face for the day!
Thank you.

In other news, I have to respectfully disapprove of your Yankees love (I've always disliked them almost as much as I dislike the Dodgers).
But I am happy that you get to see a lot more post-regular season baseball than I ever do (as a Giants fan! Ha!) - it must be so exciting!

<3 Grace.

Sara said...

While I am not a Yankees fan (or an Angels fan, for that matter), I also watched that game and it was excruciating at times.

sheila said...

i'm so jealous right now. honestly.
i miss live baseball.

Hanako66 said...

our friendship may have to be put on hold for the next week:) i still adore you though miss meg!