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this thing.

anytime i develop the slightest inkling of...mmm...let's call it infatuation, i experience the complete breakdown of the english language--or rather my grasp of it.

my native tongue becomes a foreign anomaly. foreign anomaly? can i say that? or is it repetitive and therefore grammatically incorrect and unnecessary? see what i mean, this thing is throwing everything off.

words do not come.

except when they do (see above rambling for example).

which is no better. because, as if collected in too small a space during their forced hiatus, they catapult out. slamming, careening and ricocheting, abutting one.in.to.the.other.

this is not the worst of it.

my hearing goes as well.

he speaks. i listen.

and do you know what i hear?

words interspersed with blips. great, universe-descending blips. holes in sound. and i am left to look questioningly and ask him to repeat himself. once.again. at which point, if i still hear more blip than word, i simply smile and nod, hoping it wasn't a question.

he must think the elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor.

but its just so hard when i so like the way his eyelashes curl.

image via daydream lily


Belen said...

omg meg, that made my heart fill with warm fuzziness. :)

Courtney said...

oh man, that happens to me too.

Signorina Svizzera said...

that happens to me too :) along with MAJOR blushing- i hate it!

IIDA said...

Wonder why these symptoms sound so familiar... And also making a complete douche of myself by freezing for a moment everytime I see him. But love/infatuation is wonderful, no matter how stupid it makes me.

Lynz said...

i experience all of this, plus, I'm convinced if I actually look into his eyes he'll be able to tell how much I like him...making me avoid eye contact like the plague...

Olivia Rae said...

ha! LOVE this. your writing is so amazing... and this is the sweetest feeling of all time.

MArisa said...

"he must think the elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor."

LOL - what a beautiful way to explain...

Sara said...

I think we have all experienced a combination of word vomit or complete word loss when around that person.

And then you get so excited when you finally manage to put a coherent sentence together!

I love that feeling. Have fun!

Ariel said...

this exact same thing is happening to me right now with this boy. he asked me for directions and i was so happy he spoke to me i accidentally knocked a chair over to point him in the right direction. i was so embarrassed.

i love this post.

Erin said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean. :)

Ali said...

SOMEONE'S got a crush... ;)

Ash said...

Meg, I'm just like that, too. It was always so embarrassing. I bet he finds it charming.

Micaela said...

oh i love it!!! just love it.

the thrill of falling in love/infatuation/deep like.

the thrill of a crush.

have fun with it you charming girl.

"and nod, hoping it wasn't a question" + "but its just so hard when i so like the way his eyelashes curl."


Olivia Rae said...

meg, i love that you love pat conroy. i have yet to read any of his novels, but both my parents and my boyfriend are huge huge fans and love all his books. i actually remember your post a while ago about him.

i can't wait to read his books, and what's even more exciting that his new book is called "south of broad" which is a reference to broad street, which is where i LIVE! on broad st!

m. estelle said...

gosh meg, this made me so happy.
my heart is pitter pattering all over the place right now.
i'm tempted to print out ALL pages of this blog and set it on my nightstand for a daily read.
i love it. and you. is that nuts?


Hanako66 said...

you just managed to give me butterflies!!!!!!

ashley lauren said...

i am flustered and excited.
by my own memories like this,
but even more by the way you match words
so perfectly
to feelings most of us only barely comprehend.
seriously, you are SO talented.