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oh boy oh boy.

i was first drawn to blogging because i liked the optimistic slant of everything. 

i promised myself this would not be a place to air dirty laundry.

oh, but mmmmmmmm.

i am in a crabby mood.

and i am so over some stuff right now.

like the dirty dishes that pile up in the sink.  

over it.

and friends who make plans and then fail to follow through. 

over it.

and feeling like everyone at work hates me because i'm just trying to ensure we all do our job well. 

over it.

and yes i know i need to be a better listener. and yes i know sometimes i too bail. and yes i know i'm imperfect. 

so very imperfect.

so i'm working on it, okay?

but i need you to try to work on it too.


because i sure as hell hate feeling like i'm over everything

or blemishing the face of my blog-spot-lover with rants. i really hate that.

a c-jane inspired POST-EDIT (you know because she's taken to doing post-edits and i love that):

the dishes in the sink were cleaned (not by me) mere minutes after writing this, so perhaps i spoke too soon. then i got myself a thing of ice cream from the grocery store, set my laptop on the floor where it played 30 Rock (season one) via insta-netflix, and set about organizing all my under-the-bed-storage (cleaning and organizing are favorite activities of mine).  so the night turned out just fine and again life is la-la-laaaaaaokay.

oh and there might have been some beading go on too. and that's always good. 

image via sabino.


Signorina Svizzera said...

to quote...who even knows anymore? "girl, i feel you"

defining amy said...

you go, girl.

Anonymous said...

I hate that feeling. I hope you come through it soon.

Tracy Langgle said...

We are all imperfect sinners, I hope you are able to trust God not try to please people and hopefully those around you will be able to as well and if we are trusting Him to love us just as we are and save us just as we are, then He will help us with the ugly stuff. So many of us want to be better and that is ok, yet what we really want is to be loved and unconditionally loved. Know that you are loved today and I hope you have a better evening.

Fashionably Kate said...

we're all entitled to dirty up our blogs every now and then. it's refreshing to do so.. {i think.}


why do friends bail ALL the time? Wait until your friends have babies, and it get worse and worse. :(

Sara said...

People who make plans and then flake on them make my ass twitch. I do the exact same thing. I have to remind myself that I, too, screw stuff up and appreciate forgiveness...

...but sometimes people suck and you get to be pissed for a bit.

It's okay. Wallow a little. It'll do you good.

Mary Grace said...

This is how I feel today. Ugh. I hope we both feel better soon. I'm glad you poured it out.

Krissa said...

I must echo the comments...AMEN! and let it out girl...its okay to have a rant post every now and then. Its good for you...and allows others to relate...I definitely know how you feel.
Wish there was something I could do...Hope your day/week picks up!

Sarah Alaoui said...

i hope this makes you laugh :)


belittling our dramas.

CrowNology said...

Meeee Tooooooo!
Thanks. I needed that.

DC Dilettante said...

sometimes life just sucks. i think you're awesome though

Single Girl said...

people who bail on a routine basis should not be allowed to make friends.

We all do it. But once in a blue moon is different then once a a weekend.

end of story.

Ali said...

Oh please, rant all you want! It's YOUR blog, you know? Get it out!

Anonymous said...

Lol everyone needs a good rant!!!!!!!!!! Plus it's fun to read for us!!!!

Krysta said...

After you are done with Season 1, get on 30 Rock Season 2... makes me feel better almost instantly!

Erin said...

Everyone needs to express themselves like this sometimes. It's even better when the problem fixes itself!

Marisa said...

didn't it feel good, at the time to let it out?
how cute to do a post edit after the fact.

MMW said...

The image is HILARIOUS and sooo appropriate! I often feel like that too.

BTW - it's 9-9-09 and supposed to be a LUCKY DAY! I hope some great things happen for you today.
xoxo MMW

iheartkiwi said...

let it all out girl!

Mandee lost her individuality. said...

i wish i lived in new york, because i think i would like being your friend.

jasmine said...

ahhhh, i love when bad moods turn into good ones!

i get really upset when my friends flake on me too. so does levi. so we've made a vow to never be flaky with our friends. then we can at least complain about it to each other without being hypocrites. haha!

R. Wallis @ TrueBeauty said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Love it! I think I could post this very exact thing on my blog at this point! Ugh...sometimes you just need to vent.

sheila said...

everyone is entitled to have post like this. Because life just isn't all great. Its stuff like this that makes the great greater.
anyhoo- still haven't gone to NY. soon. but i like texas for now.

Ariel said...

i was in the same mood last night and made a crabby post as well. sometimes you just need to do that. :)