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of course i said that.

my place of employment was abuzz last night.

1. dara torres came in. 

she made a big splash at the olympics last year. remember? five-time olympian. 

i took dara's visit as a most sacred and important sign from the swimming gods on high that i am on the right path and should in fact continue in my pool endeavor. 

2. and then andy murray came.

you see there's this little thing going on in ny right now. it's called the us open. 
he came right up to the desk with his friend, but quickly became engrossed by the television screen across the room. his friend and i both looked at him, chuckled and said, well he's gone. and i then said, i guess he kinda likes tennis. and his friend looked at me and said, uh, yeah, something like that. 

you see i didn't realize it was andy murray. andy murray is the number two tennis play in the world right now. yes, that's right. i said that about the number two tennis player in the world as he stood right in front of me. 

the shame that has now been brought down on my tennis loving family. 

why couldn't it have been federer, or nadal, roddick even? i would have recognized them. 

well, so i'm off to swim now. and pay my penance. 


Morgan said...

Lucky girl! Those are two great athletes! I would have died if Nadal walked in... I heart him. :)

Erin said...

Aww, well. I wouldn't have recognize anyone but Michael Phelps.

RayRay said...

i think the swimming gods keep using you to haunt me about swimming... thank you. don't stop.

brown eyed girl said...

I say just pretend you meant to say it, it sounds kind of sarcastically witty. :)

Micaela said...

meg your blunder is cute :)
andy roddick- i would have been WAY jealous, though the second best tennis player in the world is a cutie too!!!

i believe in signs, so yes- keep that swimming going. xo

orsoifeel said...

oh meg.. this is so funny! i would do something like this and husband would be mortified.
i have a crush on Roddick... he is probably the only one i would recognize.

J. said...

Too funny... but don't feel bad. I wouldn't have known who he was, either!

chicknamedhermia said...

I LOVE Andy ...I'm so jealous!!!!!

And lol, 'made a big splash'!!!

Hanako66 said...

wow, what a night!!!

I watch the majors and I prob wouldn't have recognized him either...do not feel bad!

Gabby said...

I'd recognize Dana, but not him...and yes, I think you are destined to swim!

~*"*Dia*"*~ said...

Really, at first I thought you made that statement as a joke, a clever one. Besides, they all come and go. Tomorrow he might be the last one in the hierarchy...Who cares? And who knows? Maybe he'd be motivated to realise not everybody recognizes or knows him. The next match he'd be playing ambitioned by you :p

Natalie Hill said...

i loerve me some andy!

i love tennis.

i love you.

i think we need an adventure soon!

jasmine said...

hahahaha! i think that is the absolute BEST thing you could have said under the circumstances. they didn't know you didn't recognize him. you just came off sounding cool and confident. i love it!!

Anonymous said...

yeah even i think u sounded so cool and very witty!!

though i'm sure ur family wouldn't forgive you... lol.. my dad wouldn't have!!


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Woah. Where do you work? You're basically famous by association! Very neat.

IIDA said...

Wow, thanks for commenting! (I admit I kinda screamed just a bit when I saw your comment. But only a bit.) I meant what I wrote, and I'm glad it makes you happy.

Andy Murray? I am so jealous. My mother and I were staying with some friends in London during Wimbledon this summer, and Andy Murray was obviously the reoccuring topic of conversation. So one night at dinner, everyone else was enthusing about him, and I was busy being slightly bored and preoccupied. I was shaken back to reality when someone remarked on his age (22 yrs). I was surprised, and said, "He's that young? Really? Only six years older than me!" Obviously everyone else thought this remark highly amusing, and I couldn't understand why. For the rest of the evening I had to listen to comments about how "Iida think age is just a number," and "when Iida marries Andy," etc. Oh, the delights of British humour.

Single Girl said...

OK at least you didnt say something worse like:

who cares its only tennis.