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it's snowballing.

first one cousin. now another! my cousin popped the question with a ring and a tennis racket and she said yes... isn't melissa lovely?

they look so happy.

i love weddings. i believe in weddings. 

this year there are three alone and they're all family affairs. 

i love when the whole clan comes together. and even better than that? reasons to wear those fancy dresses nestled in the closet!


Olivia Rae said...

awwww what an exciting time for your family!! no one in my family has really started getting married yet, but i am THRILLED for when they do! congrats to your cousin!

Allie said...

from here on out, you'll ALWAYS know someone getting married! i actually have three weddings in three weekends this fall. and oh how i love them!

Ali said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to your cousin! They are one cute couple.

Alexia said...

Hiii! Congratulations to you and your kin! It's lovely to see you happy and productive xx