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back to basics.

today i am unbelievably thankful for:

the fresh fall weather invading new york

the endless entertainment provided to me by 1. burn notice 2. true blood 3. nurse jackie 4. entourage

my brother's new job which will bring him to boston and thus far closer to me

now a reason to visit boston and a place to stay

avocados, sweet potatoes, nectarines. they make the quest for six + fruits and vegetables a day feasible

that today's second trip to the pool was a hundred times easier than the first. 

breakfasts at fairway with my friend angela where we plan our futures and impending marriages to actors alexander skarsgard (true blood's eric, hello?) and his father stellan. in our fantasy i marry stellan making me angela's stepmother. we're not quite sure why, but this running joke provides us with endless entertainment.

for tomorrow (it's a day off, ya know?).

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Crystal Ball said...

What a lovely list. I love reading what people are thankful for, it always leaves me feeling so happy.

Signorina Svizzera said...

I love this list!
For one, I am a huge trueblood fan as well!
But also, I love fall, and swimming, and days off. Oh, and Boston too, where my brother just happens to be located for Uni (except in my case, for the 8 months of the year he is there, this is nowhere near where I am :) )
Happy Fall!

Spardha Malik said...

your day sounds so much fun!!
and ur imaginary role play is hillarious~~

Olivia Rae said...

i love it. your posts are always so poetic and beautiful. sweet potatoes are my favorite food... and that is WONDERFUL your brother is moving so close!

Morgan said...

True Blood is THE BEST. So sad there's only one episode left!

Sara said...

Don't you love the smell of Fall? Makes me want to put on a scarf and enjoy my coffee outside.

Anonymous said...

i was just saying this morning that "it is starting to feel like fall" my favorite time of year.

ps LOVE True Blood... i am hooked

Magatha-May said...

Yea, this is a great list, and yea for going back to the pool

Angela said...

Hahaha!! Thank god I clicked on my husband's link--he just had a birthday! I would have never known!
Aw Meg--I love this part...

Micaela said...

a day off the next day is THE BEST feeling (esp. if it's in the middle of everyone else's "regular work week"). Enjoy that day off.

note to self: must watch "True Blood."

congrats to your brother!!! & meg it's even starting to feel like fall in Texas. i love it.