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the end of splen-da-ta-da-ta-da-ta-dem

I saunter into coffee shops now. My heels click-click-clicking against the cold, tiled floors. Breezily I approach the counter, toss my long, dark hair behind my shoulder, and order a coffee.

Black. With room for milk and sugar.

Then, with cup in hand, I walk slowly giving careful weight and time to each step. Generously I tick-tick-tock my hips from side to side. I want to make sure the eyes of every man in the room is upon me. I want each man to see what I’ll do next. I reach for the milk.

Pour, pour, drip.

And then, with deliberate care and a quite uncommon flare, I reach for…the sugar.

Real Sugar.

I lift the unassuming brown packet into the air. And then I shake.


Shake, shake, rip.


Shake, shake, rip.


Into the coffee it falls.

My adventures in seltzer water and late night lemon runs has signaled the end of diet coke, and in turn the end of splenda.

I am now a girl who eats raw sugar.

Yes, that girl.

And never have I felt sexier.


Kimberly said...

I like you.

brown eyed girl said...

hurrah for real sugar, whole milk, and real butter, for these are the things that make eating a treat, rather than a chore!

and I love that you have a notebook under your coffee; I have always felt that coffee shops are such creative spaces. They are just bursting with inspiration.

Signorina Svizzera said...

Hurray for you!!!!!!!

Bex said...

Everytime one of your posts pops up on my Google Reader, I break into a huge smile before I even read it. You are fabulous! And remember, real sugar makes you extra sweet! Please never forget how fabulous you are, because you are fabulous

orsoifeel said...

quiting my old friend diet coke has not been an easy task... but i too feel sexier when i know i am putting the real stuff in my body.

Mrs. B said...

*clapping* Yay!

Thao said...

Love this, Meg! Real sugar is sexy. So is real cream. I believe these to be self-evident facts.

Valerie said...

i am with you, mama. l.o.v.e. this news.

i have a physical reaction to half and half. giving myself that extra fat is better than making out, sometimes.

Mollie said...

perfect. i love this.

Erin said...

Great entry.
Life's too short to not enjoy the real things.

Ali said...

Just another reason you rock.

faryle said...

Man, you make real sugar sexy.

I mean that in a total "I like boys kind of way" but I am so putting real sugar in my next cup of coffee.

Hanako66 said...

meg I love that!

I have professed my love of real coke to you before...life is too short!

Sobrina Tung said...

I liked this :) I've moved onto real butter but I can't seem to give up those tiny yellow packets... I am so going to get cancer some day.

sheila said...

That made me smile.

MeganRose said...

I LOVED this !!!! <3

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh my god...I just fell in love with you a little bit more.

How was that even possible!

ashley lauren said...

I connect with this on so many levels. Thank you!

Mary Grace said...

LOL. You sound so hot at this moment.