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the perfect body initiative. day six.

why is your body perfect?

my knees help make my body perfect. they help me run-- to things, from things... they tell stories. each bruise & scar tells MY story. 
they (quite literally) lift me up after i've fallen. 


photo via visualize.us


RayRay said...

After surgery on both my knees, lots of scars, and not a full recovery on either, I must say that I have an even greater appreciation for my knees... And yes, I can still pick myself up after I fall. That's all I need them for, really.

Emily said...

My eyes... because they mirror countless beautiful faces.


Kelsey said...

This is a great one!!

Mariah said...

Beautiful and true. I can especially relate to this one, after twelve years of ballet/pointe and the abuse that my knees have suffered.

Hanako66 said...

I love this one!

iheartkiwi said...

loving this little series...
i love my body because it allowed me to play college rugby for four years! the scars and bruises are symbols of what my body can accomplish. my body is one tough cookie.

someday i am going to look back and think, wow i can't believe i was able to do that.

i'll try to remember that on days when i don't love this body of mine as much as i should.