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oh to look like someone else. just for a day.

dear husband-to-be,

i'm afraid this will be a very serious letter. you see, i need you to understand something.

my looks belie who i really am. 

does that make sense?

i look like i would love to spend an evening at the opera. i would not.

i look like i might really like a swanky jazz bar. mmm...not really my thing. if you could find an off-the-beaten-path beatnik pub with some jazz on the side...that i could do.

i prefer a ball game to almost anything else.

i will always order a cheesburger. and i'm a cheap drunk. 

i laugh. a lot. out loud. at the most inappropriate of times. 

and when we go to the beach, you'll have to drag me out of the water at the end of the day. i will not be the one working on my tan. 

i look like i could be a politican's wife. and i could be. i could play that part really well.

but that is not the part i want to play. 

i am not perfect. i am a screw-up in the most glorious of ways. 

you see, i want to have a ping-pong table in the dining room. 

and i'll still climb a tree. or hurtle down a hill on a sled. 

i'm not the girl you think i am, when you first glance at me.

it's strangely frustrating.

but i refuse to change who i am to conform to what i look like. 

and if on that first glance, i come off as cold, it's simply because i'm shy and quiet and totally, madly in love with you. already. 

so please don't be intimidated by some idea of me. i'm flighty and i lose everything. and i'm funny. really, i am. at least, i think i am, and that's something, right?

and i still have this old-fashioned belief that the guy should make the first move.

so please, do. make the first move. 

you might just be surprised by what you find.

love, love, love,

the woman who is not the woman you first assumed i was (but it's okay, even my friends still make silly assumptions, and they've known me for a while)


Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh I love this letter to your Husband To Be...this just might be my favorite. I feel the same way. Le sigh.

~*"*Dia*"*~ said...

This reminds me of a line in Alice in Wonderland (I have no idea why people love this book...): "Be what you would seem to be (...) Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise." :)) So we apply the opposite, right?

Tina Tarnoff said...

This is perfection. You are in my head, right? I would really like to make this my manifesto. But this is you. So, how can it be me also? You put into words my anxieties, worries, inner beauties. Thank you.

Ivy Morgan said...

this is precious i love it :)

Fashionably Kate said...


i too am the same way. shy at first. people in h.s. thought that i was a snob. little did they know, that i was just freaked out by it all.

still true to this day, or at least until one gets to know me. then i'm awesome.fun. crazy. loud.

i'm not how i seem either.

wonderful as always miss meg fee.

{or ya, you're totally a double namer..}

heisschic said...

i feel ya.

also- i'll be sure to harass you if i ever make a trip to NY. i have a feeling we'd have a good time together.


Anonymous said...

"and if on that first glance, i come off as cold, it's simply because i'm shy and quiet and totally, madly in love with you. already."

gorgeous meg... the whole thing

Micaela said...

so i was JUST about to quote what Marisa did... "It's simply because "i'm shy and quiet and totally, madly in love with you. already."

PERFECT!!!! :)

i wonder what people think of me when they first see me... this is a good post to make you wonder, not only that... but a wonderful love letter for your future husband. xo

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I love these- and so will he!

Anonymous said...

this made me smile so much! great letter :)

Sara said...

I understand looking different from what you really are. Apparently I look like I want to go camping and I.DON'T.CAMP.

Don't worry. He'll know.

Ali said...

This is very cool. I might just have to take a cue from you and write one myself. Would you mind?

The Rookie said...

I love these letters. Whomever he is--wherever he is--he will be blessed.

RatalieNose said...

Um this is FABULOUS!! I LOVE it!!!!

Thao said...

Meg Fee, you have a beautiful soul and the man you choose will be so lucky and we'll all be so happy for you. True story.

Jessica Tingey said...

you are just lovely.
(and I totally know what you mean about the getting older and "girlfriends" thing - I realized that when "girlfriend" slipped out of my mouth only recently. it is great!)

kathleen said...

I absolutely love the letters to your future husband. Absolutely and completely love.

Joanna Goddard said...

i love this. so beautiful.

Nicole said...

Did you write this because I said you don't look like the type that enjoys a ballgame? Haha, I miss you.

elizabeth Langgle: said...

love this :)

m. estelle said...

oh, this is beautiful!
i am wishing your future love all the best on his search!


Sydney said...

this is beautiful! you should save it so that he can read it one day!

♥ H ♥ said...

Just found your blog! I was wondering...did you read When God Writes Your Love Story? There was a part in the book where the man had a journal of letters he wrote to his wife before he met her. I thought it was really sweet. It's nice to see someone who actually does this :) Maybe I will start..I felt silly when I thought about it though lol

Anonymous said...

Your post are amazing!