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for today. and tomorrow.

courage does not always roar.
sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day saying,
"i will try again tomorrow"

(mary ann radmacher)

image via ffffound


miss rikki said...

beautiful words from a beautiful woman (you - i'm not sure what mary ann looks like :P).

Sara said...

Meg, I have a blogging award for you on my page. Please stop by to "pick it up"!

sheila said...

LOVE that quote.
Just texted it to my husband and he was needing it.
Thanks meg

Hanako66 said...

you have quite the knack for finding photos as lovely as the quotes that you post

Miss Eve said...

Wow...so true...That picture about your Mother (on the header) is beyond fantastic :-)

Micaela said...

you always have the best quotes. always. I mentioned and tagged you, so meg please play!!! :) i have a slight feeling your readers will love your answers as much as i will. Just a feeling... *wink

it's under "my heart" post.
can't wait to see "your lovely heart"


julia said...

This quote is so great and so true.
It gives me a lot of hope, too.
Thank you for putting it up on your blog.
You have a wonderful feeling for quotes and inspirational sayings.
I'm not even sure, whether or not you read my comment (since its so far in the back).
You are great