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i wish there was more time in the day.

time to go to the bank.

to balance my checkbook.

to cook a meal. or clean my room.

to answer all of your questions (they're coming i promise).

to face my twizzler addiction head-on.

to thank each and every one of you for the startlingly powerful and kind comments you bestow on me. to bestow the same on you. as you so richly deserve.

to escape.

to read five books at once.

to call for haircut.

to take a breath.

did i mention that monday was my first day off in three weeks? i'm coming back to you. to myself. deep breath. ahh, see there was time enough for one.


Single Girl said...

another GREAT reason to live in europe, they get more time off.

Mariah said...

That's one thing there's definitely not enough of: time off.

naomi megan. said...

agreed. and said only how meg fee could say something. so beautifully.

and i love the new layout. it's beautiful.

i started my own work out club today since i can't be there to be a part of yours, vic's and carolyn's. i am the only one in my work out club, which can be boring. but i listened to mandy moore's new album {i know} while i worked out for a full hour and thought of you three holding down the fort in nyc. thanks for motivating me...


CC. said...

im terribly addicted to twizzlers too---the bite ones. wahoooo they are amazin

Nicole said...

Meg. I've been at my grandmothers for the past week, she grows Peonies. They made me think of you. However, I'm not sure how lucky they are, all they gave me was a swollen eye and a terrible cold.

Belle said...

Hopefully you will get some more time soon!
Love the new layout darling
and I straight away began singing the elvis song (but the A*Teens version - I am lame, but I love that version!!!) xxxx

mimi said...

I live in europe (well, uk) and we don't get enough time off! but then I am self-employed so I live in a parallel world of endless thankless work anyway :/

but I've found the only way is to make time, tiny snippets where you can, and tick things off. does me no good chasing after butterflies that can't ever be caught. one thing at a time. and life will still go on accordingly.

Ash said...

I think there's never enough time. Time goes by faster now I'm older... it's so bizarre.

I always wish for more time. I like how you described it--I feel like I don't have time to even call about a haircut, either!

I sometimes miss the days where things used to last forever, good or bad...

Hanako66 said...

You need to take some time and rest...I worry about you:)

RatalieNose said...

I'm just glad that you have time to write this fabulous blog!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Holy moley - first day off in three weeks? You need a vacation. Want to run off to Croatia??