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ahhhh, pari

i've decided that when i move to paris,

i will live in this room.

hmm. mmm. mmm. mm. a girl can dream.

i think?


Kelsey said...

That is beautiful. I want to move to paris too. Or at least visit. :)

Mariah said...

What a lovely room!!! I especially love that comfy green chair.
Ooooh, Paris.

Single Girl said...

If i lived in that room I would sit in the green chair and read all day long. Of course the window would be open and there would be a nice breeze.


Jayne said...

such a cozy-looking room. that green chair looks so inviting, like it's just waiting for a cup of hot chocolate and a crisp new book to join it.

Womans World Magazine said...

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Sara said...

I have similar plans involving such a room, although the city changes all the time. Sometimes it's Hong Kong, sometimes it's Santiago and but more often than not, it's Dublin or Glasgow. God bless those accents...

LenkaLovee said...

need a roomate? :D
I have yet to see paris, but i will someday! :)

jess said...

ahhh Paris.. the eifle tower at night is marvelous!! as for the people hmmm... Meg I just finished a book that I think you might like (or at least in my mind you will really like it!) anyways, it's called "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffen. It's not really a deep thinking kind of story- it's more for entertainment purposes... It couldn't hurt to add it to your list!

Hanako66 said...

how lovely:)

I recently read that book too Jess...and "Something Blue" as well. They are fun reads.