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here's to taza

naomi at rockstar diaries has been doing some captivating features, asking people to list ten things that make them happy--and in turn getting us to think about the little things.

she emailed me. and you know how when the president calls, you answer?

that's what it felt like.

find my list here.

but. i'd like to add...

pasta strainers
lint rollers
pumpkin rigatoni 

ps: remember this list? well, im checking one off tonight. but i'm not telling--you'll have to guess!


naomi megan. said...

oh my gosh, i've never even seen this photo! goodness, such a fun night.

and you're silly sweet...i love the things you added to the list here...

oh yes yes- i'll be in nyc in may for work. we need to plan many little dates and trips. yes?

love you.

Amanda said...

i LOVE your blog. you are brilliant. and your post on books. well it reminded me how stinkin LUCKY we are to read. there's not better way to develop empathy.
and i love lint rollers too.

can i give you a suggestion for a good book? the agony and the ecstasy...not romantic like love-but romantic in the way that an artist loves their craft. :)
and please continue to give reading suggestions. i'm steeped in far too much non-fiction right now.

Morgan said...

Such a great picture! I bet you two are a riot together.

Fashionably Kate said...

Umm.. I loved your list, and you have such an AWESOME eye color.. Lucky!

My guess is a Yankee's game? Am I right?

sheila said...

meg you are sooo famous now.
But it is true- you have a creative brain and a great way in putting words together and explaining as they should be.

I like your list.
Bout your "25"...I have one honest but silly question- do elephants regularly run through the streets of NY? That would be a wonderful sight to see.

And I would also love to see the Yankee's play in their stadium as well.

ps. its true... lint rollers are wonderful.


I love this candid photograph! ~Smilesss*

Sara said...

I love Naomi too! Because she's featuring all those pretty list and making my discover blogs as amazing as yours :)

Krissa said...

I love that picture of you two...So cute!!!!
I love your list too...it made me smile!
I'm looking forward to what you are crossing off your list!

Hanako66 said...

I loved your list.

I loved making my list...such a great idea, she makes me smile:)

Jasmine said...

those are some great additions!

i love your 25 before 25 list. that's a great idea! i think my fave is speaking a little poetry. that's a good one. maybe i'll do this. of course, i've already missed 25 (i'll be 27 in june - yikes!), so mine would have to be 30 before 30. :)

Ariel said...

i loved your list and im so happy ive found your blog now. my favorite on your list was "bobbing in the ocean" i found that to be a very unique addition :)

iheartkiwi said...

the first whiff of fall... i can almost smell it now! i heart your list.

i have a feeling that you are going to become a bit of a celeb:)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I just discovered your blog via that list and I'm so glad I did, it's gorgeous here!

Diana said...

you are both flippin' adorable!
i am going to guess the books? only because you have a lot of book reviews lately ^_^

Christie said...

oh how I wish I was any good at public speaking and/or debate. Ha. Definitely not my forte.

I actually meant Speech Pathology (therapy for communication disorders) which is what I'm getting a master's in. Probably not as cool or fun as being able to extemporaneously speak without your whole neck turning red and splotchy (what happens to me during a presentation of any sort).

And I love your list. And pumpkin rigatoni. Yuuum.

Signorina Svizzera said...

Saw your list- I agree with...well, all of them (except the landlord thing. My school rents out our apartment building so we don't have a landlord living here. Oh, and I'm not too fond of fizzy water (or as they call it here, water "with gas") but I LOVE the smell of fall, books, and bobbing around in the ocean!
And thunderstorms are lovely as long as I am not walking home from class in one!

jess said...

Your list was great! I can't seem to narrow mine down to 10 things... I those open windows during thunderstorms!!

Cali Girl said...

fun idea!!!