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an easter confession.

when i was little i wasn't afraid of death. i wasn't afraid of an afterlife.

i was afraid of the three days between those two things. the three days when one's body was stuck in a grave. underground. 

that's what i thought it all meant....it took Jesus three days to rise from the dead...so it would be three days between death and the afterlife. three days when even the soul would lie dormant, interred beneath the sun. 

how i long for that innocence. and clarity. and freedom from the fear of things not worth fearing. 


Tina Tarnoff said...

I can relate, it seems like every day that I'm older, I realize I'm more confused, more afraid, more uncertain. Because I know & understand more or... ?

Hanako66 said...

We are all so sweet and happy as childres!

Anonymous said...

Who is that darling little girl? I think I recognize her lovely hair and happy look.

HeatherBee said...

Amazing! I told my mom that I was scared of the bugs. Not death, but of all the bugs in the ground. She responded, "If you believe in Jesus you will be in heaven right away. However... I still don't want the bugs on my body... have me cremated when I die." Love it.

sheila said...

That is very cute. And you were already so thoughtful and smart at that age. That has never even passed my mind.

Kirsten said...

My 5 year old is terrified of everything- seriously!- but has a pretty calm outlook on death.

Our first baby died during his delivery and she has always known about him and been to the cemetery to visit him. She regularly asks me questions about dying and heaven. She talks to me about how we shouldn't be too sad because someday Corban's spirit will be in his body again and he'll be resurrected.

She's so comforted and sure and it's amazing the peace it brings me. Her faith inspires me.

...love Maegan said...

lol ...so great!