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i need a change in my life.

so far this is what my list of strong possibilities looks like:

1. become singing tour guide on Salzburg's Sound of Music bus tour 





okay so i don't have too many ideas. do you?


Cali Girl said...

no, i was hoping you had some for me! i do like you #1 though!

Naomi said...

i say move to tuscany and work in a flower shop. I've always dreamed of doing that.

Carolyn said...

How about wearing a color that you think looks bad on you. Or what if you walked into a bar you have never been in and struck up a conversation with the most gorgeous man in there?

Liberating, I imagine.

Krissa said...

I like that number one...I would love to come see you do that...What about your dream of going to Rome?

miliusia said...

have my own theater studio. be creative director of it ;] i would love... create performance.. mm

Hanako66 said...

I love that!

Jay said...

how about becoming a well known blogger, much respected and very much loved for her writings and her personality, whom eventually publishes the book her fans have been waiting for?