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hmmm. hmmm. mmmm. mmm.

this morning i awoke and attempted to remove yesterday's mascara.

shower, scrub, wash. 

ah-ha. discovery!

not mascara. just dark circles.

im off to put on my war paint. i mean, face paint. i mean...makeup. 

hmmmm. hmm. mmmm. mmmm.

title explanation: hmmm. hmmm. mmm. mmmm. is humming
(in case you couldn't tell). my friend angela and i do it all the time
to signify things we don't really want to talk about 
but that we can still laugh about. my first experience with
this is when  asked angela how old she was to be turning. 
Response: hmmmmm. hmmm. mmm mmm.


Helen said...

Meg, how is it you are so consistently cool, even when you claim to be otherwise? I'm digging these gifs (er, is that what they're called?) and your smokey-eyed Saturday morningness. If I lived in NYC, I think we would play today.

Tina Tarnoff said...

I think I keep mistaking my mascara for my dark circles. too many late nights and too many glasses of wine. can't even remember the last time I went enywhere without my war paint. scary or something to congratulate me about?
love the peek-a-boo gif!

Carolyn said...

hahhaha...when someone asks me why I'm single, I hummm. Hmmmmm hmmmmmmm??!! (!!)

Thank you.

Hanako66 said...

I hate those days!