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Sunday night is Girl's Night.

But in honor of the Golden Globes we let Brian into the fold. And ate tacos. And tacos might just become a Sunday night tradition.

Angela cooked. Brian brought cookies. And I photographed. 


Micaela said...

how fun!!! who did you think was best dressed? I can't wait to see "Revolutionary Road." I'm itching to read the book first. I heart Kate Winslet.

Oh to live in NY to have taco nights with you and your fabulous friends. I would look forward to Sundays for that very reason. ;)

shilvia said...

sounds like lots of fun!!! tacos looks yummm :)

Nicole said...

I was watching the Golden Globes on Sunday and thought of how exciting it will be when the glamorous Meg takes the red carpet!

Angela said...

Why do both Brian and I look like Meth-heads having our first meal of the week???