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My room abuts the kitchen. And since my curtain of a door doesn't provide much of a noise barrier, I'm in bed listening the whirl and grrr and rattle of the dishwasher. And I must say it's enormously comforting. As if I'm seven all over again, sandwiched between my parents, and rolling in their blanket of safety.  


naomi megan. said...

josh hates when i start the dishwasher before bed. but i love it. it's that sound... it makes things so safe. (and much better to listen to than our next door neighbors who like to "sew" loudly all night long. seriously.)

i got your voicemail about tomorrow just now. oh goodness, i'm so sorry to hear that. i hope she is doing well and my prayers and thoughts are with you and her. but i do hope we get to see you tomorrow morning... still. (if you'd rather we meet somewhere on uws so you have more time with us, i'm happy to... ) i should just call you... but husband is asleep next to me and i don't want to wake him...

love you, girl. xoxoxoxoxo

naomi megan. said...


that was a novel.

i apologize.