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When you're feeling low, there's nothing like a brunch with the girls to lift the spirits. 

Oh and the ushering in of a new president. That's okay too. 

But both together, at the same time. Hot diggity. 

PS: I so liked A Cup of Jo's New Year's resolution (to dress more like a French woman) that I wore my stripes with pride today (even if they aren't slimming)!


naomi megan. said...

again. you're totally out doing me (and why do your photos always turn out so much better?!)... so i'm stealing these!

love you girl. had a wonderful time today. what a beautiful day. lets see each other again soon.


shilvia said...

fun fun fun!!!

...love Maegan said...

oh cute! I just commented about all your adorableness on The Rock Star Diaries ...and now I know that you're friends. :)

shill said...

how much more fun can you girls get????lovely photos too!!!

healthy ashley said...

How do you guys pull off being so cool? I have so much fun just looking at the photos!

Micaela said...

agreed on the fun with gfs!!! I'm diggin the stripes :) you french girl you!

ps. how do you make collages like that??? share the secret!!! i'm such the boring pic-at-center blog girl. I need to upgrade!!!

Micaela said...

meg- never mind! i'm silly and went back and saw that this question has already been answered :) hehe thx!!!!