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Resolution #1: Take More Photos.

look really closely at this one...I'm in the bottom left corner (you can see my red fingernails)


Flavius Maximus said...

what a fantastic blog!!!

naomi megan said...

oh my gosh. the minute we left 99 below josh, carolyn and i had crepes at that creperie and we totally took a photo with that crepe woman! i will have to post it!

had such fun last night woman! you are incredible! happy birthday!

Valerie said...

#1 i am in love with your camera because it convinced me my skin is not nearly as wack as i think it is.
#2 i am in love with your blog! i have only read a bit, but think it is tres bien. it makes me want to tell all of my friends to start blogging again.
#3 i shall see you soooon*

Jaime said...

meg, you beautiful beautiful girl! i wish you (and I haha) nothing but the greatest 23rd year ever girl :)
covergirl ;)

Nicajoice said...

The girl in red stripes look like Mandy Moore :D