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The wild and wily ways in which we pranced around New York City: Day Four

Scanner. Videos. Color saturation...oh my.

Today Jon and I ventured across the Brooklyn Bridge in search of that pizza palace known as Grimaldi's--it's in Dumbo, which is a truly gorgeous area if you've never been.

We had to wait in line for about an hour, but as we were in the shade the majority of the time, it was worth it--just part of the experience.

I ate a lot, but wasn't too keen on the crusts.

We headed back into Manhattan to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We got there only to be told it had just closed--was this a theme for the weekend?

I'm so tired. I've decided a person can't live in NY as a tourist because they'd collapse from exhaustion after any extended period of time. Instead (and Jon helped me with this one) one should live in the wonder of a tourist. In wonder. Yes, I like that. 

But I also like living like a Sex and the City chick who hits up the hottest spots, but never really has to deal with crowds--how do they do it?

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