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I've been getting that itch...

...to move back into the city.

Don't get me wrong I love Montclair. I love riding my bike everywhere (though to be fair I could do this in the city). I love how clean the NYSC is here. I love staying with my aunt and uncle. I love the trees and the beautiful houses. I love the backyard and the grill. One day when I raise my family I want to do it here (or in Europe on those glorious cobble-stoned streets).

But since I'm twenty-two (almost twenty-three) there's no better time to re-enter that quintessential NYC combo of culture and chaos. 

And as of tonight I have new partner in crime. A roommate. And this is all possible because he was just cast in the broadway bound revival of West Side Story. 

So proud. So, so proud. MJ is a fantastic dancer, a brilliant artist, and a fabulous friend. Not to mention he's one very good-looking aussie. Yum.

So now we'll be looking for...wait for it...an apartment!

Craig's List here I come. I hope it ends up looking this good. This go round I want a place that I won't have to sell my soul in order to afford and that I can paint. And Naomi, I'm gonna take a page from your book because you better believe one wall will be covered in chalkboard paint!

So let the search begin. If anyone knows of any good places near them let me know.

And on a separate not...when did I become "that" girl who...

is possessive and jealous and worries about nothing and waits by the phone and then wonders why you haven't called.  I thought I was better than this, turns out I'm not. I'm just like every other girl, maybe even a little crazier than most. If you choose to run in the opposite direction even I won't blame you. Just so you know...you've done this to me. I blame you. Kinda. Let's play...okay?

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