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The wild and wily ways in which we pranced around New York City: Day Three

I've been itching to see In the Heights and thought Jonathan wouldn't mind coming along for the ride. We got to 46th street. We stood in line. We made our way to the ticket counter. We asked for two standing room tickets. And we were promptly told they had just sold the last one.

Okay. Regroup.

We were not to be deterred from having a good time. We walked up 9th Avenue to El Centro and experienced a staple of the NY experience: brunch.

Jon, get of the iphone will ya?

Fine then, I'll entertain myself with my camera.

How can a person dislike Mexican food--its just so colorful?

After lunch we headed up to the Time Warner center and passed some sunbathers--New Yorkers will do it wherever they can.

What girl doesn't need a good butt lift--I'm just helping her out.

Jon got a good, full view of Central Park today. We started on the western end of central park south and ended up on east 105th street. Not bad for one day.

Walking down the poet's walkway.

He seemed to think I could help, but I just stood there and let him move my hand.

Okay, and why does my hair still appear to be so red, ahhhhh, I hate that!

This guy is always out and about and yes, it is always exciting.

The park was teeming with people--I couldn't believe it. And there were more street performers than we knew what to do with.

Bethesda Fountain.

Jonathan in a moment of reflection overlooking Jackie Kennedy (Central Park) Reservoir.

After the park (culminating in the conservatory garden) we hit up Arte Around the Corner (73rd and Columbus)for some great organic wine.

3 ways I know I'm tipsy...

1. I suffer from giggle attacks
2. My eyebrows seem to freeze 2-inches above their normal resting position
3. I embarrass easily and the color of my cheeks betrays any secret

Jonathan took advantage of this knowledge...damn him.

Through the booze and my own laughter, this is what things started to look like...

...Really great picture, I know.

The day wasn't complete without a trip to Magnolia Bakery's new location on Colombus. We each scarfed down two cupcakes hoping to soak up a little wine.

Jonathan--I need you to leave so that I can't use you as an excuse for eating poorly (well, not poorly so much as, just way more than any one person should consume)


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