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New post up on megfee.com (WHY I AVOID SUGAR AS MUCH AS I CAN)

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Amanda said...

Oh, am I feeling you on this today. I've been on a cleanse for over two weeks with no refined sugar and I just ate a cookie after lunch. I feel like I'm going to die right now. Or just puke. Ugh. I don't want any more sugar.

Though the hardest part for me has not been admitting I am a sugar addict; it has been the actual act of cutting out the sugar. I still go back even though I feel amazing when I don't eat it. And I mean amazing. Then I think, Oh, a little won't hurt. But I'm like an alcholic; I can't go off the wagon because I don't understand people who can only have one bite of a chocolate chip cookie. I have to have to whole thing. If only I could remember this sick feeling I have right now every time I looked at something choocolate.

Thank you so much for sharing this link for 60 minutes.

Jennifer Bosse said...

On bloglovin, it's not redirecting. I'll try the other site