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vinegar hill, brooklyn

i've been needing a little getaway.

in fact, i'm probably about a month past needing-a-getaway-from-new-york.

but it hasn't been in the cards.

however, yesterday, finding myself with the task of revealing the-off-the-beaten-path-new-york, i knew just where to go.

there is something about the tiny neighborhood of vinegar hill, brooklyn that feels undisturbed--old and historic and quiet. an escape. like it's closer to the sky than the earth.

it was just as good as the three of us needed--and hoped--it would be.

(and the company wasn't so bad either. turns out the dutch could teach lessons in what-it-is-to-be-chivalrous).


Shawnee said...

this sounds perfect in every way ! i must search for a little place like this in my city to escape to.

Nicola said...

This little place looks lovely! And what handsome guys to spend a day with!

Niki said...

Who are these studs?
Meet 'n greet!

Lisa Pappalardo said...

It just looks so peaceful!

xo Lisa

Carina said...

you take such beautiful photos.


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

what a beautiful little getaway! I know i am in need of one of those as well. :) have a blessed monday!

colleen said...

yes - that neighborhood is such a quiet and unique gem.

Catherine Hawkins said...

"like it's closer to the sky than the earth."

Love this. I've never been to that part of Brooklyn, but I know exactly what you're talking about.

Alice said...

This looks amazing- and they are seriously cute. I am also in dire need of a getaway- but the other way around, after too long in the countryside, I need some city time!!! x

AbbieBabble said...

Isn't that the best? When you can feel like you've left your city without ACTUALLY leaving? (I guess actually leaving is pretty great, too). I think I need to add Vinegar Hill to my list of places to visit next time I'm in Brooklyn.

*cho said...

Love the pics! What a nice day.