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as spring hurtles forward, fending off the last of winter's advances (and winter is putting up one heck of a fight this year) i can feel things easing just a bit. 

spring signals many things: change and good tidings and a renewed faith in what might be. 

and standing on the edge of all-these-many-good-things has me taking stock of the life lessons of this last particular season. 

timing is different than patience. that's what i'm learning now.

patience sees me on my knees praying to an unyielding and unkind higher power. but timing is the good grace of God casting me into the world and telling me to live life just as well as i can. 

the rest will follow.  

in bed last night, inches from sleep, i began to sob--big and heavy, chest-heaving-sort-of-sobs that i rarely, if ever, experience. and in that moment all i could think was what's happening? what is this feeling? and just like that, a thought: this is gratitude. gratitude manifesting itself in the most unusual form yes, but gratitude nonetheless--gratitude that life is exactly as it is. gratitude for each and every last hardship i bear. and thanks that the very things i want to curse might yet prove the foundation of so much good still to come.

gratitude that spring is coming. and that i know so many exceptional people. thanks that, when the weather begins to turn, new york likes to show off her plume. gratitude for morning lattes and live music and a lens through which to see the world. 

and this unexpected extra time in which to be young. and to make all the many mistakes that turn youth to something else.

the natural progression of life. 

how winter always turns to spring. 

(that last photo is by the unparalleled emma hartvig).


Alice said...

That last photo is stunning. To be able to capture a moment like that is such a beautiful thing. I love the changing seasons, it always comes with a sense of hope... x

Shawnee said...

whew. i feel this. these words, as well as the photos. pure beauty. and brandi carlile is fantastic - live would be incredible.

meg fee said...

@Shawnee--she's more exceptional live if you can believe it. no record will ever do her natural instrument justice.

Sheiloves said...

Great music choices <3

Thank you so very much for this.
And thank you for giving us the glimpses into your life that you do, it makes it easier to go through life on my end of the interwebs.

Claire Kiefer said...

Did you go see Brandi Carlile? Oh how I love her. Happy Spring, Meg. :)

L.A. said...

Are you reading all three of those books in a stack at once? & would you recommend purchasing any (or all) of them? I'm a compulsive book-buyer (ha it's kind of an issue) and already bought Rules of Civility, but was wondering about the other two.

Thanks! :)

Jacob Phelps said...

beautiful photographs and moving words. I, too, am ready for spring!

ees0013 said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time but have never commented before...but I just wanted to say thank you. I'm far too guilty of letting my self-pity, problems, minor life details, and such take over my day. But gratitude and knowledge of God's timing are the two things that should be consuming my days. So, thank you! Thank you so so much for the reminder :)

BREI said...

Rules of civility is really good! And so is that Anna Quindlen book. Gorgeous pics Meg!

Xteena said...

What DID you think of Rules of Civility? I thought it was a pretty fun read - lots of drama and intrigue - but a little corny in terms of the writing. I did like his opening subway musings though. Just my half-formed thoughts, curious to hear what others think.

Alex said...

You take beautiful photos and write beautiful words.

Alice said...

You are so beautiful in that last picture! (and always, I'm sure).

Winter is putting up a hell of a fight here too. It's unbelievable, I don't want it to be April and to still be wearing thick tights and jumpers. But I too am grateful that winter turns to Spring. Winter wasn't my season this past year, fingers crossed that one of the other seasons this year will be. x

Marissa McLean said...

It's good to know someone else feels things in the same way. In that deep way that calls for sobbing.

Ileana Perez said...

I never leave comment in blogs...never! Actually I follow like 30 fashion and home decor blogs and I never ever read from them, I just look at the pictures.

Tonight once again, your words are hugging my heart. Tonight I caught myself sobbing in my bed uncontrollably and felt that I needed to read a little bit of your encouraging, yet realistic words. And I read this post...just when I felt out of hope, when I felt like winter will never be over. After finishing reading, I felt a desire to let you know that your words make feel full of hope and make me want to look forward to a better life...to a spring.

This year I have been going through a very painful divorce which is finalizing tomorrow. I have probably had one of my worst days since this divorce started and felt like I could not go to any of my friends to complaint again or cry again about this, and your words made it more bearable.

I know this will sound weird but for my 27th birthday this year, one of my best friends gave me a letter full of fragments of different paragraphs from your posts. The combination of all of those paragraph made the letter. I think it is the most beautiful letter I have ever received, and it has become my "bible"...the words I need to read every time I am feeling vulnerable, sad or just insecure.

You have no idea what a good writer you are. From the bottom of my heart...thank you

suzy said...

your pictures make me so happy--i'm planning my first ever trip to new york in may and it's completely a dream come true. so every time i see pictures of it, i get all fizzy-blooded.

kate said...

beautiful photos and a photo of a beauty. here's to a happy spring, meg.

Megan said...

you have the best pictures and most refreshing commentary i've read from any blogger, ever. maybe b/c it's not all about kids, crafts, and what you wore? So glad i found your blog!

Jane's Next Door said...

I loved The Rules of Civility. It was one of my favorite books last year. It made me want to go back in time.
I hope you love it too.

Amy Marie said...


Just wanted to let you know the part about paitence vs timing really touched me and I decided to use it as one of my weekly quotes that I practice my handwriting with.

Hope you like it... http://amedetails.blogspot.com/2013/04/quote4.html