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"Don't you get it? She's the
house! She's the plain white
shutters, the sparkling glass
windows, and the perfect white
picket fence. She's the ordinary
stuff. But you...you're the red
door. And when people come
by, yeah, sure they see the
house. But for some reason, they
always end up looking at the
door. It's always in the corner of
their eye. You can't ignore a red
door. And the house is nice, hell,
the house is perfect. But then
there's that door. It's almost
painful to look at. You're the

Chuck Palahniuk


Jessica @ Little Maple Leaf said...

I love this quote.
So beautiful.
Where is it from or where did you find it?

Kiersten said...

I really love this quote...
Thanks for sharing!
<3 Kiersten

Laura Marie Meyers said...

He's one of my favorites :)

Becky K said...

CP is just plain brilliant.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I've wandered over from Taza's blog and I'm so happy to have found yours. I am a huge Chuck fan. I love the way he describes, everything.

Anonymous said...

I really, really like this.

The Childlike Empress said...

amazing quote!