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there's been a fair amount of food involved, so... there's that. (this neighborhood spoils me with all the fine places to eat. i'm really turning into a foodie snob, and i'm not even trying. oops). 


(print gotten from FIRST SNOW on etsy).

and the food haunts:

Seersucker restaurant on Smith Street
Smith Canteen coffee shop and
Court Street Grocers 


brlracincwgrl said...

The bowl of quinoa looks delicious! And well, Feta makes everything better! :)

leah ruth said...

all of that looks so delicious... next time i move i am doing it for the food!

Ramona said...

Meg, these are beautiful pictures!

Kiersten said...

The quinoa looks delicious, even if I've never HAD quinoa!
And trust me...if I were surrounded by so many great places to eat, I'd be snobby about it too!
<3 Kiersten

Elizabeth Mateer said...

Beautiful photos, so jealous of all those great places to eat around you!

Alice said...

LOVE foodie weekends. They're the best sort. I wish we had more incredible food places where I live- they all seem to get stuck in London, rather than venturing south, sadly! x