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i want...

i want art in the bathroom.

fresh flowers on fridays.

i want to light a birthday candle every morning just for that-smell-right-after-it's-been-blown-out.

i want the popped collar.

i want a lifetime of the-hand-on-the-thigh-in-that-way-that-doesn't-usually-survive-marriage.*

i want to be your two am secret. that little intake of air that rocks behind the lips like a horse at the start of a race.

i want the man who after hearing the whole of my story will ask, unprompted, what parts of your body did you hate the most? and then love them all the more.

i want to go to the beach. right now, i want to go. in the middle of this new york winter.

and i want to wear a bathing suit--a small one. just to attract the attention, just to feel those storied and much-talked-about long and withering glances. i want to lose days to the ocean. for the blue of the water to stain me, to wash me, to wrinkle and make a prune of me, and remind me that i'm deliciously human and capable of floating.

i want to make up for lost time.

and i want and i want and i want.


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*inspired  by a phrase written by the inestimable anna  quindlen


Lauren said...

I just love your writing. It's epic. That's all.


Megan Allen said...

These are my favorite posts.

K.J.D.L said...
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Bohemian Beautiful said...

Meg you are just seriously one beautiful soul. I don't comment very often (sorry!) but I read every post and I love everything you write. You have so much passion and you ARE going to find the kind of soul-shaking, long lasting love you are looking for I just know it. How could you not with such passion!? Beautiful writing as always :) stay true!

K.J.D.L said...

The hand on the thigh doesn't have to stop with marriage, and when it makes it through, it never loses its special intimacy. Beautifully expressed once again.

samantha ramage said...

such gorgeous writing. bravo! i want to be able to write something as true as what you have put down here in this blog space.


ruthiegyll said...

this is so beautiful.

Jacob Phelps said...

I want, too. it's human instinct / norm.

Now what is out of norm is your writing - it is beyond beautiful.

brlracincwgrl said...

You have such a lovely way of expressing your thoughts. I love this.

andrea said...

You write so beautifully.

Alice said...

I comment on so many of your posts (sorry about that....) but I never say this- your writing is just perfect. x

just sayin' said...

gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I want it too!

Moonboots said...

I want warmth and sunshine. Summer haze, days and days of heat. In the absence of summer I will continue reading your blog and watch your sun rise.

Becky K said...

this is simply beautiful.
and i'm pretty sure you just put all of my thoughts into words.
thank you for that,

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

I too, love the smell of the birthday candle after it has been blown out! And who says we can't have a candle in our breakfast?