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MY NEW YORK// Brooklyn Heights

window box (1 of 1)
Willow Street (1 of 1)
deli (1 of 1)
bike correct (1 of 1)
Orange Street (1 of 1)
fence and sign (1 of 1)
half-shuttered windows (1 of 1)
red brick, yellow tree (1 of 1) Willow St (1 of 1)


Hannah said...

soo beautiful! miss manhattan and brooklyn so much right now!

Megan said...

The half-lit, half-shadowed bike picture gives me chills in the best way.

Ruth said...

I'm moving from Connecticut to Brooklyn soon, and I can't soak up enough of your My New Yorks. Just beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

Alexa said...

so gorgeous—i want that bicycle photo framed on my wall!

today for jane said...

wow, brooklyn is so beautiful. I've just discovered your blog and it is so beautiful!

Shawnee said...

beautiful photos!!