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i keep thinking about this. about how long it's been since i wrote it.

about how much has changed.

and i keep thinking about the end of it. the desire for christmas lights.

and how suddenly i live in a place where there are lights everywhere. and i don't have to drive to the suburbs--i don't have to go anywhere--to see them.

because everything here in this small corner of brooklyn is swathed in the small and twinkling lights.

and i am home.


Hannah said...

christmas really comes closer!

Julie said...

This is gorgeous.

Jandy xx said...

i had tears reading the "this" link

i hope you get all that!

Emily Okey said...

i love love love the lights in brooklyn. i spent last night walking around looking at them all.

never commented before, but i've been reading your blog for a while. i think we live in the same neighborhood!