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WHAT TO DO and WHERE TO EAT when visiting NYC//

Like any blogger living in New York City I get a fair amount of emails or comments asking for suggestions in terms of what to see/do/eat. So I thought I'd finally compose some posts with all my favorites in one place. I've added a link to the side (VISITING NEW YORK?) so that the posts can be easily accessed. Or you can get to them by clicking on the photos above. The lists are by no means comprehensive and will be under a perpetual sort of construction, but rather than overwhelm with suggestions I've shared my absolute favorite places to see and to eat.

Do feel free as a NYC resident yourself (or as someone who's visited the city) to throw your hat in the ring and offer up your best advice and suggestions for those visiting.

I hope this helps and makes for happy travels!


emily said...

i keep meaning to put a list together like this. there are just so many great things to do here. so much food to eat!

Alex said...

Love this, especially since I'm visiting the city next weekend :)

stephanie said...

Yes, thank you! I'm probably going back in a few months (to visit NYU!!!). I wasn't able to check out your suggestion for me last time, so I DEFINITELY want to try one or two of these next time. Can't wait! xo