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WHAT I'M LISTENING TO// the neighbourhood

i was lucky enough to see these guys thursday night at a small space in williamsburg. after the show my friend scott said, those guys are the real deal.

i couldn't agree more.


Lorna said...

They are incredible, so jealous you got to see them!


Chocoholic said...

to be honest, I never heared about them, but I loved these songs! The beat is great, relaxing and calm, perfect!


Alexa said...

great find! thanks for passing them along. i am loving sweater weather :)

Lora said...

Love when you do Tuesday Tune and when you share music. Makes my husband think I'm cooler than him when it's a band he's never heard of ;) Thanks!

Hope Johnson said...

Fuck yes! What a find! Thanks for sharing, minx!

Taylor Yves said...

Meg I haven't said hi in a while. I'm still your biggest fan. Keep it up. That Neighbourhood music is really good, thanks for the rec!