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through new eyes.

umbrella (1 of 1)
wall bridge (1 of 1)
green bike2 (1 of 1)
desaturated row (1 of 1)
candyland (1 of 1)

i'm just trying to take it all in. new colors. with new eyes. the wonder of someone transported. seeing everything for what feels like the first time. the words will come eventually...


JM said...

I'm moving out-of-state in September and these posts with beautiful photographs of your neighborhood are inspiring me to do the same before I leave.

Love your blog and your writing!

communikate. said...

the little bit of brooklyn i've encountered was wonderful. i think if i ever have the chance to live in nyc, brooklyn would totally be my jam.

glad you're enjoying it and taking it all in.

Alex said...

Your photographs make me want to pick up and move.

Freya Lily said...

I love the amount of trees in Brooklyn. I love nature!!! So pretty :)

Lottie said...

i love how it is all so green--that is why we moved to a different area of london, we missed the greeness.

you seems so happy :)

CamilleDanielle said...

I love the greens, so beautiful

Meghan said...

ooooo meg im sooo happy for you! Brooklyn looks lovely! Your pics make me want to take a day trip there!

Gisela said...

aaahhh I know this feeling so well...when I moved out of my tin box in February this year...out of this ugly part of a big city...into a new home...where the sunlight seems brighter and the air clearer...where the people around just seem so much nicer and the neighbourhood so peaceful.
I still have the feeling every day as if I landed on a new planet...a wonderful planet!

Enjoy your new home your new life!

Gisela from Munich