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mom comes to nyc, part II (also...WHAT TO DO IN NYC)

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 8.59.27 PM alta with mom (1 of 1)Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 10.32.43 PM Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 10.49.20 PM
brooklyn flea
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i had such a lovely time with my mom here in town.

we mostly just walked everywhere and ate a lot and talked about all those things that mothers and daughter talk about (but can't necessarily say over the phone).

it felt so special. and sacred.

and it was the little things--always the little things: getting to show her this space. buying a bedskirt and new pot and cutting board (helloooo, adult life). setting up my computer in such a way so that we could fall asleep watching pbs' zen (my mother and i share a deep and profound love for rufus sewell). snacking on almond biscotti and peppermint tea. dinner with the dearest and best friends of my life. and a good, solid amount of some really robust laughter.

i won't take you through the day-by-day breakdown of our adventures, but i would like to provide a few suggestions:

(to do) cobble hill cinemas--an old-school movie theatre where the tickets are much cheaper than in manhattan (only 7 bucks on thursday nights).

(to eat) frankies spuntino--italian food has never been my go-to, but i'm madly in love with this spot on court street. the food is fresh and light, the decor is the right amount of rustic, and the outdoor garden is endlessly charming. order the sweet potato ravioli.

(to see) greenwood cemetery--a massive and historic cemetery here in brooklyn that's home of one of the revolutionary war's first battles. it is quiet, expansive, and something to see. i'm planning on heading there in late october for a guided tour of the place.

(to eat) buttermilk channel--this was a big hit with my mom. it's an unassuming place that i love because i feel like i'm somewhere in the south (my mom felt as though she was in boston, go figure). we suggest the jalepeno corn bread and cheese plate.

(to eat) alta--my good friend kim works the greenmarket in union square and so has gotten to know alta's chef harrison mosher and has nothing but kind words for him. he oh so graciously sent quite a bit of food to our table and we gobbled up every last morsel. i've only been twice now, but already this is one of my favorite restaurants and the first place that comes to mind when someone asks for a suggestion. do know that if you order "the egg" for dessert, it really is the size of an egg, which is to say quite small, but quite good. also, know that the restaurant can be hard to find (no sign out front).

(to eat {treat})) blue marble ice cream--i say get the pretzel cone (game-changer) and my mom says  the strawberry sorbet.

(to see) jefferson market garden--a lush space right in the heart of greenwich village. on the wednesday night we wandered past the place was filled with some stunning live music.

(to do) where to walk--the brooklyn bridge is not to be underestimated. on a beautiful day you must, must, must do this. the brooklyn promenade (right along the water). dumbo and brooklyn bridge park.

(to do) brooklyn flea--fun to walk around and look at jewelry and shoes and sample all the foods.

(to eat {treat}) marquet patisserie--sweets and treats and bread and coffee galore. my mother declared the man behind the counter "very french" which she roughly translated to less than obliging. but the cookies were delightful nonetheless.


Alexa said...

someone was just telling me about buttermilk channel yesterday! i'm sold.

looks like a beautiful time!

Belinda said...

meg, i am taking note of all of this!

i am suddenly in the midst of planning a trip over to NY this october and i couldn't be happier! (autumn in new york!)

if you have any music recommendations - gigs to see, venues to check out, i'm all ears!

as a little trade, here's a little song from sydney:


meg fee said...

@Belinda: i find out about most of the music i want to see from this website: http://www.boweryballroom.com/

the bowery ballroom is such a glorious venue itself i suggest getting a ticket to something there even if you don't know the band--you can get really cheap tickets, too

or a small show at the mercury lounge is something to behold!

autumn in ny is my absolute favorite, i think you'll love it! and i'll try to keep the suggestions coming!

thanks for the song!! xo.

Brittany said...

Meg, your photos keep getting more and more beautiful! I'll be in the city a few times this fall--I can't wait to check these out.

Amanda said...

your photos are just a dream. all of them! oh..the lush greenery is pretty perfect.

xo, amanda

look a little closer said...

i agree. your photos are gorgeous! i am excited to try out some of these places!

isabug said...

my mom's coming to town on thursday (for 2 weeks!!) so what a fitting post. frankie's is definitely a must and it looks like you all had a wonderful time together. hurray for moms!

Sue said...

Your list is making me want to live in Brooklyn! And I love all that greenery on that residential street.

Brittany said...

love this post! great pictures, especially the one with the "fill a bag $5." so fun. how did you write on the pictures?

Anonymous said...

hi....the anonymous woman from india...who left that long comment on the other blog-- [ grinning ]...reading this blog made me think of sharing something with you, one you like to travel, two you love that camera...and i think you might get to meet new people this way ...and who knows [ hint hint ].....smiling ...


do check it out...this isnt promo...i have just joined it myself, thats all...

Taylor said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your mum. I'm heading to New York on holiday in October so it was great to read your suggestions of what to do and where to eat.

Mary Ann said...

Love the photos and the blog, thank you so much for sharing! How do you add text to your pics, I love it!