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summer check (wish) list:

i have this running wish list for the summer:

wear a bathing suit (go to the beach is implied here)
eat a hamburger (yes, yes, i know. {more on this later})
see as much good music as is possible
picnic, picnic, picnic.
bike around brooklyn.

what about you all? what's pressing all of your hot-long-summer-day buttons?


Mary said...

Sangria Saturdays (any day is good for sangria, though)
Live music
Eat as many meals outside as possible
Enjoy tomatoes I grew myself
More books and less TV

Clio said...

a hamburger?!

Amanda said...

good list! picnics and seeing good live music is on our list, too. i am off work for the summer and so my little family made a summer bucket list; all things we can do with our one year old, stella. such things like blow bubbles, catch a firefly, shakespeare in the park, and spending the entire day in our swimsuits are on the list. i think it's a great idea to map out your adventures and go! hope you're having a swell day!

xo, amanda @ http://mamawatters@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

tubing in Helen, picnics, s'mores, rock climbing, making all A's in my summer courses!

Stefanie V M said...

Going to Lisbon...
spending time at music festivals...
just enjoying life...
last but not least:
moving to Spain for 10 months :)

Lottie said...

To enjoy the sunshine, however fleeting.

And just to enjoy lots of time with my husband.

Oh and to listen to lots of music--I am way behind in my album buying.

Jessica said...

Spend every possible minute I can by the lake.

Same as above but with Corona & Lime as well as barbecues always. :)



Brook S. said...

This summer, I think I'm going to end with a list of all I did. Though, I would really like to go on a road-trip to Maine with my dear friend/brain sister....

Heather said...

to get back into a regular running routine without severely injuring myself and to hopefully take a short vacation to the west coast, to really be washed by sunlight :)

Sonja said...

awesome list!!!
I would say multiple picnics, biking, bathing suits and music are on my list too. As well as spending a day on toronto island, creating/ doing art without the pressures of school, playing music.
Alsoooo I think that if you're not going to lollapalooza this year, then you should definitely come to osheaga :o)
It's the same weekend! and it's in montreal so you can explore canada too! :o)

hope you get to check of all the summer to-do's!

Mel said...

Camping (starting this weekend!)
Kickball Wednesdays (starting today!)
Homemade smoothies and banana ice cream
Reading everything
See Beirut in August
Find an apartment that I love as much as you love yours

Xteena said...

This! http://districtdarling.tumblr.com/post/24194786198/bucketlist

wildchild said...

this is a wonderful list. i want all of this plus those summer nights. those watch the sunset, get ice cream cones, go for a walk barefoot, holding hands summer nights.

Ana Magdalena said...

great list!

I only have two things on my summer list: 1. run the color run in NYC. 2. Go hiking in NH.

Meghan said...

enjoy reading on my new back porch
bike around my town
go to more farmer's markets
read books
college get-together
cook w/ more veggies that I have grown
organize closets

Erin said...

drinking a cosmo on the beach (like in south carolina or florida maybe) would be nice but probably not going to happen this year.

Taylor said...

This sounds truly lovely! You are able to check them all off. Also, I love the vintage swimsuits. I got one from Urban Outfitters and I am in love, I tell you.

katilda said...

impulsively drive to the lake on a weeknight after work with an air mattress, float out to the buoy and look at the stars.

stefanie hurtado said...

see as much good music as possible is always top on my summer list!

last summer i saw Bon Iver in Atlanta and Death Cab for Cutie in Vegas AND Denver. This summer I went all out and just saw all of my favorite bands at Bonnaroo last weekend!!

now all i need is to float down a Florida river with good friends and lots of beer :)

rachael adele said...

that is a good list right there. i plan on playing hooky from work a few days and taking in a whole lot of sun + margs ;)

Megs said...

Some beach time would be heavenly. Living in Tucson: I usually dedicate my summers to escaping the heat.

When I lived in St. Louis summer had more meaning: Shakespeare Festival, The Muny, Street Fairs, Picnics, BBQs, and lots of patio drinking and dining.

Freya Lily said...

I cant wait till it's warm enough to go swimming :)


Anonymous said...

Farmer's Market
Regular jogs/morning hikes
Impromptu traveling
Lemonade in excess
: )

Lori said...

(finally) ride my bicycle
have a "real" picnic
spend time outside
write, write, write
slow down



elizabeth shay said...

feel comfortable enough to wear a bathing suit sans cover up at the beach
read, read, read
bake summer treats aka those involving deliciously ripe fruit