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it's finally here!! MOVING DAY!!

so do you think i went to bed early like a responsible adult, after spending the evening packing, of course?

absolutely not.

i saw joe pug at the bowery ballroom and then made an ass of myself upon meeting him after. he, of course, saved the day and was totally lovely.

go see him, won't you?


Chicago girl moves on said...

yes! you saw him!! you met him!? get out of here. so awesome. happy moving day. :)

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

Good luck moving today! =) Moving sucks in general, I have a feeling it sucks even more in NYC =P

And thanks for introducing me to Joe Pug.. yummm, cough I mean dammnn he's good haha

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure why, but I totally see yourself ending up with an artist!

Maria said...

Yayyy moving! Good luck today!

Brooklyn said...

good luck on the big move!!!

Melly said...

How cool is that? Love me some Joe Pug.

Good luck on the move, Meg! Brooklyn will treat you well!

Jacob Phelps said...

Joe Pug is great!
Happy moving day!

Angelica Robles said...

We're still young - we're supposed to be taking advantage of all there is to experience! And that definitely includes a fun concert. :)

Congrats on moving!

Life Happens said...

Good luck with the move! Hope you get settled in pretty quickly.

Sara said...

ALL THE BEST MEG! :D how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new home! I lived by myself for a couple years and it was an amazing time! I hope you love it just as much.


Sladja said...

hahahaha :D silly gal ;)
good luck in your new home!